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Field Engineer

The Field Engineer works directly for the Superintendent. The position may be used as an apprenticeship for the Project Superintendent’s job, as part of the training leading to the Project Engineer’s role, or to gain field experience for future assignments in estimating. management, etc. As such, the role of the Field Engineer is flexible to fit the capabilities and background of the individual, as well as the nature of the project. The prime responsibility is to help the superintendent in any and all ways possible, and in so doing, to take advantage of the Superintendent’s knowledge and experience to further the individual’s own progress. Although the majority of a Field Engineer’s time will be spent in the field, there are some duties which will require work in the field office.

Project Engineer

The Project Engineer is the chief engineer on the project. He or she is responsible for all on-site project administration. He or she will report to the Project Manager or the Project Superintendent.

Project Superintendent

The Project Superintendent

Project Manager

The Project Manager


The Estimator

Office Engineer

The Office Engineer

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